Lake City Union Church
Lake City, Iowa      10:00 a.m. Sunday worship

United Methodist | Presbyterian (USA)

        PLAY AREA is OPEN! 

listen and watch service

     while the kids play!

We welcome everyone to the Lake City Union Church. 

We invite you to feel the warmth of the community while worshiping with us. 

May you sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit  in every worship experience and carry it into your daily life.

   Join Us in All We DO!



   Nothing like starting your week and the first day of fall with a great book and a great group of people!  

  EACH Monday: September 23, 30 - October 7. 14

  6:30 a.m. : Social Time

  6:45-7:30 a.m. : Study

  Location:  Wagon Wheel

  Fae will be debuting the new fall coffees  and is offering 

    them FREE of charge!  Thank you, Fae!

  NO sign up needed!  And! It's okay to miss now and then!

                                  Just come in!

    *You are responsible for getting the book:

      Order online or ask Fae Presley or Janelle Nesbitt

                                  to order for you!  


9:15 - 9:45 a.m.


Never too late to join in!

   Sunday, November 10

    *10 a.m. Guitar Service

    *Sit-Down Meal following  


                    (Proceeds go to YOUTH PROGRAM)

      *Take-outs Available!

      *Auction starts during the meal          

Lords Acre Sale & Dinner